The PCT Appendix

My fifth and final journal for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is an appendix of sorts.  It was started after my final day on the trail as a journal for keeping detailed information and stories that might have just been touched upon in my other PCT trail journals.  This journal also gives me a chance to experiment artistically.  I wanted to paint a better picture on the campsites, both literally and figuratively. Here’s a few pages from the section on the campsites I stayed at on the trail, campsites that I would have fun naming along the way.

“Sunset Rocks”
PCT Appendix - Campsites I

“Mary’s Knob”
PCT Appendix - Campsites II

“The Devil’s Saddle” (left) and “The Granite Throne” (right)
PCT Appendix - Campsites III

“Chicken Springs Lake Camp”
PCT Appendix - Campsites IV

“Breakout Camp”
PCT Appendix - Campsites V

Rae Lakes Camp, a.k.a. “Mosquito Camp”
PCT Appendix - Campsites VI

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