My PCT Adventure in 3 Minutes

After watching this video in 2009 and this video in April of 2011, I was inspired to make my own time lapse on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). For 159 days, I took a few photos and videos each day to show the effects of hiking 1,700 miles. Some effects are obvious: wight loss (90 pounds), beard growth (3 pounds) – but others are not so obvious, like my mental state. Hopefully those who make it through all three minutes (well, 2:46) will see how a long hike can effect ones mental state.

As the 377 photos and 11 videos parade by at 215 beats per minute, keep an eye out for a few Easter eggs: a bloody nose, a pair of broken sunglasses, my parents (twice), two fly fishermen, a movie theater marque, a rainbow, a “buckle up” joke, a famous date shake from Hadley’s, the leg of a fake human skeleton, and my 3-year old niece sleeping.

And here’s what 1000 photos looks like!
PCT Timelapse Mosaic

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