Revisiting “Condor’s PCT Adventure in 3 Minutes”


I was completely taken aback by the popularity of my little video, Condor’s PCT Adventure in 3 Minutes (below). As of today, the video has been viewed nearly 40,000 times. It has been featured on some of my favorite websites: REI, Sierra Daily, Hiking In Finland, Pete Thomas Outdoors, and Rick McCharles’ I’ve also discovered international discussions about the video, but only have an idea of what they say since the sites are in Hungarian, French-Canadian, and German. I’ve also discovered some excellent websites thanks in part to the viral spotlight cast on my video.

When I made the video, I wanted to keep it short. Any longer than a few minutes and I knew I’d lose viewer’s interest. I figured that not everyone watching the video would make it to the end and wanted to reward those who did. Based on viewer statistics, only about 64% of you stuck around to the end to see me dance like, well, like a mountain man who spent a little too long in the woods. More proof:

All of the feedback I’ve received about my video has been positive. It gives me great satisfaction that it has inspired people to get outdoors. I’ve been doing my best to promote the outdoor lifestyle for years and had no idea that this video would do so much towards that cause. Thank you for everyone for your messages of support. If you would like to chat about the outdoors or learn more about what I’m up to, feel free to joint the discussion on my Facebook public profile.

Some of you have asked me for a closer look at some of the 300+ photos I used to make my video. I can’t imagine being able to appreciate the scenery as it sped past at about 215 images per minute, so I’ve uploaded all the photos onto Flickr for you to peruse. Keep in mind that I never intended these images to be viewed for more than a split second, so you might see small tweaks I’ve made to a handful of the images (like background cloning or corner distortions) in order to fill the frame while still aligning my eyes in every frame. Click here or on the image below to be taken to my Flickr set.

Flickr Mosiac

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