Another Chapter Begins!

For those of you who have been following me, you know that I like creating difficult personal hiking resolutions and posting them online to help motivate me to completing them. I’ve been doing this every year since 2009, in fact. Here’s a graphic to tell the history of my goals since 2009:

And there you have it:

“I, Kolby Kirk, resolve to hike 100 times and 700 trail miles by 2014.”

So why am I posting my 2013 goal now, here in August 2012? Because I’m getting an early start on it! I feel that if I’m going to be able to be successful at this, I’ll need to start right now. I’m in a much different place in my life than I was in 2009 and 2010, both personally and geographically. Secondly, I was based in Southern California and able to hike in relatively mild weather year round for previous hiking goals. Now I’m living in Central Oregon where snow can cover trails for half the year. Finally, I plan on hiking 100 times AND 700 miles, so the hikes must be an average of 7 miles in length. To compare, hikes in 2009 and 2010 averaged 4.2 miles and 5.6 miles in length, respectively. Believe me, when looking at all of the variables, I’m going to have to try very hard in order to complete this goal. In fact, I have my doubts. Accomplishing this goal seems to be just beyond my capabilities… which is exactly how I like it.

I’ll be posting updates here at, but I’ve also created a website specifically for this project. Those who have been following me since 2009 might recognize the domain name. I’ve already completed my first hike (here’s the report). You can also follow my progress on Facebook. I hope you stick around. It’s going to be an exciting 17 months!

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